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Today I would like to discuss the AWS ElasticBeanstalk Service.

This service provides the fastest and simplest way to get web applications up and running on AWS. Developers simply upload their application code and the service automatically handles all the details such as resource provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and monitoring. Elastic Beanstalk is ideal if you have a PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js, .NET, Go, or Docker web application. …


In this blog, I will explain how we can access AWS services using the command-line interface(CLI).

First, download the required SDK file for windows, click here

Now double click on the msi file and install it as shown:

Hello All!!!

In the past few months, I have seen there is a tremendous increase in the Cloud Computing Domain, A lot of big companies are migrating their infrastructure on multiple Clouds like AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba, etc. Nowadays it is a must to have basic knowledge of these technologies as an engineer.

I have written multiple blogs before as I have to describe all the tasks I did and submit them to my institute. …

In this 8 hour of workshop we learned about all the major things of git and github,

We learned about the concept of Version Control System, how the git is useful in tracing our files whenever we made any change,

What is the metadata created in a repo file , We learned how these files maintains different commitids of different versions and

How we can manipulate the versions whenever needed,

We learned how we can use git and github with the automation tools like jenkins

We learned about different webhooks,How the branches works, How the forks works,

how we can…

Task Description:-

✳️Create High Availability Architecture with AWS CLI

✳️The architecture includes-

⭕ Webserver configured on EC2 Instance

⭕Document Root(/var/www/html) made persistent by mounting on EBS Block Device.

⭕Static objects used in code such as pictures stored in S3

⭕Setting up Content Delivery Network using CloudFront and using the origin domain as S3 bucket.

⭕Finally place the Cloud Front URL on the webapp code for security and low latency.

For this task you can first read my blog on how to create keys, security groups etc using the aws cli here.

Now we will move to the task as described…


Deploy a Load Balancer and multiple Web Servers on AWS instances through ANSIBLE!

🔅Provision EC2 instances through ansible.

🔅 Retrieve the IP Address of instances using the dynamic inventory concept.

🔅Configure the web servers through the ansible role.

🔅Configure the load balancer through the ansible role.

🔅The target nodes of the load balancer should auto-update as per the status of web servers.

For performing the above task we need to first launch the instances on AWS, we can either go manually and launch these or we can simply do this part using the ansible. …

Task Description — AWS

🔅 Create a key pair

🔅 Create a security group

🔅 Launch an instance using the above created key pair and security group.

🔅 Create an EBS volume of 5GB.

🔅 The final step is to attach the above created EBS volume to the instance you created in the previous steps.

First we need to install the AWS cli software in our system. You can download it from here https://amazon.in/cli

Now, After installing the program you can check into the system environment variables the location of the application. …

Task Description:-

You have to create amazing and unique animation in the applications regarding the app you are creating .

In one of my flutter app development projects I have created an app which uses the integration of flutter app with the firebase services and it can run any linux command using the api’s

I have added some animation part in this app. Since this app is used for business purposes. I have tried to create the animation as simple as possible.

For the home screen of the app I have used the splash screen and redirected it to the…

Task Description:-

Create an app that can run any linux command using API and the output will be saved in Firestore. From Firestore, get this output and print on screen.

For this task we first create an app with the project and organization name using the command prompt.

Task Details :

1. Create multiple projects namely developer and production

2. Create VPC network for both the projects

3. Create a link between both the VPC networks using VPC Peering

4. Create a Kubernetes Cluster in developer project and launch any web application with the Load balancer

5. Create a SQL server in the production project and create a database

6. Connect the SQL database to the web application launched in the Kubernetes cluster

In this project, I have used the google cloud platform to use the GKE i.e. the google kubernetes engine and launched the wordpress webapp along…

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