Akshat Soni

Sep 12, 2020

3 min read


Task Details :

1. Create multiple projects namely developer and production

2. Create VPC network for both the projects

3. Create a link between both the VPC networks using VPC Peering

4. Create a Kubernetes Cluster in developer project and launch any web application with the Load balancer

5. Create a SQL server in the production project and create a database

6. Connect the SQL database to the web application launched in the Kubernetes cluster

In this project, I have used the google cloud platform to use the GKE i.e. the google kubernetes engine and launched the wordpress webapp along with the load balancer. And for the database I have used the AWS cloud RDS service.

First, I have created the Cluster using the gcp webUI.

After this I have installed the gcloud sdk and kubectl program and configured it in order to use the command prompt to connect to the gcp cloud.

You can either use the webshell or command prompt to communicate further.

After configuring I have created a deployment for the wordpress webapp and exposed its ports.

We can also check the services from the webUI.

After completing this part, I have deployed the database instance in AWS using the terraform code.

After completing these parts we now have to do the wordpress webapp installation by connecting the wordpress deployment with the RDS database.

Also I have changed the ingress rule in the AWS security group due to which any ip address can connect to the port 3306.

Thank you!!!

Note:- I have used the qwiklabs account to create the projects and due to which i wont be able to do the vpc peering part as i have access to work in one project at a time. Still tried my best to do something different.

If you have any query feel free to ask me. For the code and screenshots you can check my github repo.


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