In this 8 hour of workshop we learned about all the major things of git and github,

We learned about the concept of Version Control System, how the git is useful in tracing our files whenever we made any change,

What is the metadata created in a repo file , We learned how these files maintains different commitids of different versions and

How we can manipulate the versions whenever needed,

We learned how we can use git and github with the automation tools like jenkins

We learned about different webhooks,How the branches works, How the forks works,

how we can invite different collabarators to work on a project and many more things,

In this 8 hour of workshop We have covered almost all the important feature of Git and Github including the visual tools and merging tools like GitKraken and P4merge.

Thank You Sir and entire Linux World Team for providing us such great opportunities.




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Akshat Soni

Akshat Soni

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