Convert the OS based program into a menu driven program using Python Code which will execute the required user query when user will give the input as a text

This project is just the outcome of our 4 days training program under IIEC RISE campaign. In this project we have created a program using which instead of manually running the applications or programs in our laptop we can give a direct command to open the programs like file explorer , vlc media player , internet download manager etc. in the text format. For the further extension in this project we will use the voice as an input for commands instead of texts.

Like this I have added some more programs and applications which can be run by the python code.But their are some bugs in this file. After understanding the complete concepts and integrating the voice commands with the os I will upload a video which will help more in understanding this project

Github URL:- https://github.com/akshat-crypto/iiec-assignment1.git




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Akshat Soni

Akshat Soni

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