Task Description:-

Create an app that can run any linux command using API and the output will be saved in Firestore. From Firestore, get this output and print on screen.

For this task we first create an app with the project and organization name using the command prompt.

Now After creating this app, We first login in to the firebase console and from their we will first create our project.

After creating the project we will first create the database in firebase using cloud firestore.


Click on the create database icon.


Here select the test mode option.


Here choose the data center region and enable this and give the project name.


After setting up the firestore service we will next go for the authentication service.


Go to the sign-in method and enable he email/password option

After this you can either manually create the user using the console or we can use our app also to add new user.

Now for the code their are some libraries which we need to install in our app. Below is the list of those libraries which you need to write into the pubspec.yaml file.

After saving this file restart the ide.

For the coding of the mobile screen you can refer to my github account. I have explained most of the code in their.

Now to connect our app with the firebase we need to install go to the webUI first and then click on the android icon their.


Here give the organization name which you used to connect to the firebase. You can go to the your_appfolder->android folder->app-> build.gradle


Download the json file and put it in the folder as instructed


Make changes in botht the gradel files as shown.

After this you can run your app and it will connect your app with firestore and authentication services.

Now After completing these part we can now run our app with the emulator.

After Logging into the app:-

Database details from the webUI:-

After clicking on the sign in button :-

I have shared also shared one video of the complete working of this process. You can check it out on the github repository.


Github URL:- https://github.com/akshat-crypto/task_flutter_firebase_integration.git




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