Task Description:-

You have to create amazing and unique animation in the applications regarding the app you are creating .

In one of my flutter app development projects I have created an app which uses the integration of flutter app with the firebase services and it can run any linux command using the api’s

I have added some animation part in this app. Since this app is used for business purposes. I have tried to create the animation as simple as possible.

For the home screen of the app I have used the splash screen and redirected it to the login page.

For the authentication part, I have connected it with the firebase authentication services as I have shown in the previous blog. Click here for the previous blog link.

After logging in to the app you can see a welcome screen with a sidebar and also the welcome screen have the curved animation of 8 seconds but in the recording due to some problem it didn’t show it properly. Right now I haven’t add the buttons in the sidebar layout as it involves some more concept of navigation blocks. Instead of using the sidebar buttons, I have added one floating action button to redirect us to the terminal screen.

After reaching to the linux terminal screen we can run the commands directly. For more reference you can check my previous blogs.

I won’t be able to share the code for this animation app as I am working with some more things in it. But whenever I will complete that part. I will update the url in these blogs.

Reference for Sidebar screen:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oExw0U4U_UI&t=139s





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