Deploy the Wordpress application on Kubernetes and AWS using terraform including the following steps

1. Write an Infrastructure as code using terraform, which automatically deploy the Wordpress application

2. On AWS, use RDS service for the relational database for Wordpress application.

3. Deploy the Wordpress as a container either on top of Minikube or EKS or Fargate service on AWS

4. The Wordpress application should be accessible from the public world if deployed on AWS or through workstation if deployed on Minikube.

For doing this task, I have first created a terraform code which will start the minikube cluster node on my local system using minikube start command and then it will launch a deployment for the wordpress webapp.

Use terrform apply — auto-approve command to run the terraform file.

We can use the minikube ip command to check the ip address of the node and use kubctl get services command to check the port no.

After this i have created a terraform code to launch rds services on aws cloud.

Again validate the terraform code and run terraform apply auto-approve. It will create a database on the aws cloud using the RDS services.

Using the node ip address and port no. We can simply install the webapp, integrating it with the Amazon RDS services.